Designer’s Corner: Slingshot Arcane

Designer Profile:

Name: Tony Logosz
Age: Wise beyond my years
Location: Hood River, Oregon, USA
Job Title: Chief Designer
Designing: 29+
Kiteboarding: Forever!

Product name: Arcane
Product Category: Surf and Light Wind
Sizes available: 5’0”
Release date: January 2010

The Arcane is a light wind surfboard new to Slingshot’s 2010 board line. How does this board differ from a traditional directional made for kitesurfing e.g. what makes it light wind specific?
The Arcane differs due to its shape, volume, concave characteristics and fin configurations. The combination of features such as its single to double concave, concave deck, and down-rail with wing swallow make it very different than our other boards such as the Ben Wilson Pro, Celeritas and Verve 22. It is by far the most versatile surf style board we produce and the most user-friendly.

So if the board is light wind specific, how will it perform in powered conditions differently from a traditional kitesurfing or regular directional? What wind range is the Arcane ideal for?
The Arcane, due to its surf styling, will excel in surf conditions as well as in light wind. Because of its volume, it will float and hold edge in light wind glassy conditions. When the wind does pick up, it will transform itself to a deck that sits on edge, holds its rail and releases for effortless turns.

What are some other specifics that make this board different from other directionals offered in Slingshot’s 2010 Surf Program?
The Arcane is a true “trunk” board that excels in surf and light wind. Its versatility can’t be beat.

Can this board only be ridden strapless, are there inserts for straps or does it have Slingshot’s new Fastrack system integrated into it?
The Arcane is made to be ridden strapless. It does not have inserts or the Fastrack system. It does however have surf style pads and can be ridden with surf wax if desired.

What kind of fin system does the Arcane have and are fins easily replaced if broken?
The fin system is Mini Tutle — we chose this due to its durability and performance. The Arcane is offered with three custom fin options for maximum versatility: 2.0” Quad fin set up (stock, easiest to ride and stable); 2.0” twin fin set up, variation using stock fins (“skatier” and easier for learning spins), and option three with a 4.5” and 2.0” combination set up. The 4.5” fins are after market Slingshot surf specific fins. This is the ideal surf set up for more hook up, speed and a solid feel. This is what you want for surf.

Are there any tech, design or construction innovations that came out of this board that Slingshot is experimenting on for its 2011 line?
There are a few items that we are working on and regardless of the outcome, the R&D is always beneficial. A few highlights you will see in the Arcane include a concave deck (lowers center of effort and allows you to grip deck better for ollies and maximum board control), single to double concave (transitions towards the tail resulting in speed, drive and control from the bottom), down rail with wind swallow (for speed and release in the turns, makes the board highly responsive, effortless and smooth), the box wing, pulled in ‘swallow’ tail style (give tight radius surfing not usually associated with retro fish type boards). and surf-style volume (board has “weight” to deliver solid momentum and drive to pump all day long). Riders will notice, due to the volume of the Arcane that to successfully start up, they will need to set it on its side.


What is your warranty policy on this product?
Please see

What do you believe differentiates the new Arcane from what else is available in the marketplace?
The Arcane is heads and tails above what is offered due to its versatility. It’s a killer “trunk” board. In other words, when you only have room for one board and a range of possible conditions from light wind to surf, this is what you want to take with you. It’s compact yet stands up to anything you can dish out.

Slingshot Presents “The Arcane” from Slingshot Sports Wake on Vimeo.

Anything else you want to add regarding this new product?
You have to try it to feel what it has to offer! Surf style, speed and release, plus volume and float for light wind. Ben Wilson said it best: “This board is the Holy Grail for sloppy surf with an occasional nugget and it is the Ollie champ, great for learning airs, and goes upwind like a jet.” Ben has been riding this board for years.

TESTED: Jason Clack,
For those of you who ride in chop or in mushy waves, the versatility of a strapless directional like the Arcane and its light wind capability as an all-in-one board is a great addition to your quiver. You can easily tune this board with different varieties of pads and fin options or you can always just ride it waxed up if you like more contact against the board so you can really feel it under your toes. Various manufacturers keep trying to create the lightest board possible but this board has more weight to it which I feel is a change for the better, giving it more drive and a beefier feel so it doesn’t feel like a potato chip under your feet. I have my Arcane tuned with just dual fins for a loose, skatey feel, stock pad in back, and wax up front. Stock pad in back and wax up front. Spending time on the this board has really helped me to smooth out my strapless footwork and the wide platform makes jibing a breeze.