Wainman Hawaii 2010 Blunt Analyze This Board Review

Originally Published in the December 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

TESTED: Twin tip 130
Sizes available: 120, 125, 130, and 135cm

2010 Wainman Hawaii Blunt

2010 Wainman Hawaii Blunt

From the Manufacturer:
To come back from every session stoked, a board needs to handle any condition that the rider may encounter, and adjust to any mood the rider is in. At the end of the day, it really is all about the ride. It is so important that the power and huge potential given by the kite will be utilized properly. It does not matter what the conditions are when you show up with a Blunt, because this board handles it all. A true freerider wants to show up with one board, throw up a kite, and enjoy the ride. A Blunt always makes it a fun ride.


First off, the Wainman Hawaii Blunts ship with a board bag and everything you need to set it up without going to your tool box. The 130 Blunt has attention getting graphics, a nice thin profile with soft rails all around the board and some mad concave. It ships stock with four aggressive fins, handle, straps and pads. On the water the board rode incredibly smooth through the chop and flat water. Since the board is designed with a heavier concave, it really allows a rider to charge upwind with ease and is forgiving in the chop.

Jumping with the board was fun and the landings were smooth in both surf conditions and flat water. When going for any powered tricks like an S-Bend or roll, note that this board performs best when well powered. We had an easy time getting the board to pop off the water and it wasn’t hard at all to dial in the board’s sweet spot. The board has a continuous rocker that helps also helps it pop efficiently. The fins really give a grippy feel with little forgiveness, so be sure to keep a little more weight on your back leg to keep the board from nose diving on landings or when riding waves. Overall, the Wainman Blunt is a seriously fun board to ride in all conditions and is ideal for any beginner to advanced rider looking for a solid freestyle board.

  • Durability: Foam/wood core layup Above Average
  • Weight: Very lightweight Excellent
  • Turning: Very good but can become loose when super powered Above Average
  • Pop: Solid pop while holding good speed Excellent
  • Upwind Ability: One of the best upwind boards so far of 2010 Excellent
  • Straps and Pads: Comfy with faux leather (Nice look) Excellent
  • Fins: Offers good traction when cruising around Above Average
  • Overall Ride: Great lightweight all around board that everyone can turn and burn on Excellent


  • Keep your weight on the tail a little more on powered turns to prevent the board from skipping out.
  • The huge amount of concave forces the board right upwind so try to concentrate on throwing a few more tricks than normal.

CONSUMER FEEDBACK: kakanala, www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2354947&start=10
The board (135) is really light, but really solid. The bottom skin is very scratch-resistant. I have ridden over shallow water with stones, shells, etc. and no scratches. That’s really good (I’ll put it on sliders with confidence). The finish is really good and the rails have been finished by hand. The rubber in the rails is not hard, it is rounded and there are no sharp points. The hardware is of really good quality (can’t comment more on this, I ride the board with bindings). Overall, a very well rounded product that most big riders, from “lawn mowers” to “hardcore low mobe landers” love.