Naish 2010 Cult Analyze This Kite Review

Originally Published in the December 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

Tested: 12m
Type of kite: Sigma Series
Sizes available: 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, and 15m


From the Manufacturer
The test-winning Cult returns as the ultimate user friendly all-terrain kite. For 2010, “Geo Tech Generated C-shape” and simplified bridles provide a more direct bar feel. The amount of Sigma has been increased to improve turning characteristics and linear bar feel. With the addition of Geo Tech Generated C-shape, the Cult now boasts an even larger sweet spot, ideal pull through the turns and enhanced smoothness.Whether you are a beginner looking for a kite that’s safe, stable and reliable, or a seasoned veteran looking for one kite that does everything, the Cult is the choice.


We have been wanting to ride the new Cult since the moment we heard about it. Would this sigma shape last, and is there something magical in this newly designed kite? We were sent a 12m Cult and rode it in 20+ mph winds. Inflating the Cult is simple and fast with the Octopus single point inflation system. The overall quality of the Cult is one of a kind with solid construction throughout the kite. The Aramid Patches along the leading edge segments are to protect the seams while the Internal Aramid Reinforcement supports at all the leading edge angles helps to add strength to the Geo Tech construction.

The “Universal Control System” is well thought out with a very comfortable grip and their Smart Loop, which combines a release system and depower cleat all in one, is very clean and simple. After using many other brands’ below the bar depower cleats, Naish deserves props for making one that is super easy and smooth to sheet. Naish also gives you the option for a standard loop. In the sky, the Sigma shape is definitely a head turner. Its unique shape is designed to deliver stability, light but direct steering bar pressure, smooth turning and easy relaunch. The first noticeable performance characteristic we felt was the kite’s large wind range. The Cult turned exceptionally smooth and proved itself to be a very stable kite. Relaunching the Cult was no problem and the Smart Loop allowed for simple, on the fly trim adjustments when needed. Naish incorporated the direct steering and wingtips of the 2009 Helix into the 2010 Cult. The Cult’s overall feel was a very smooth and fast turning kite with a great high end depower range, and an improved but not super grunty low end.

The light bar pressure and range of depower makes it an easy and forgiving kite to ride. Jumping the Cult took a little getting used to. The kite has great lift and responsive turning, but the light bar pressure took some testers a few jumps to get their timing down. The stability of the Cult was exceptional, which Naish says is due to the exaggerated sigma shape of the 2010 model. We handed the Cult off to a few local riders when we were testing and they did immediately notice its solid and stable feel and felt it was a very easy, forgiving kite.

The majority of riders will love the smoothness stability and depower of the Cult, but more aggressive riders might enjoy the higher performance Helix from Naish. For a kite that looks different than the rest of the mix, the Cult performs and holds up with the best of the kites out on the market today.

  • Inflation System: Octopus inflation system, internal one way valves Excellent
  • Control bar: New streamlined Vario bar end to adjust the length of your bar Excellent
  • Control bar accessories: Exceptionally clean and simple Excellent
  • Safety system: Smart Loop technology w/below the bar depower and QR Excellent
  • Bridle: Direct steering with no rear bridle Excellent
  • Stability: Well balanced sigma outline and predictable Excellent
  • Power: Really fast high end kite with little low end pull Above Average
  • Turning: Geo-tech improves turning by letting the kite twist Excellent
  • Pop: Good hang time with easy control of the jumps Above Average
  • Bar pressure: Light to nonexistent Light-none
  • Depower: Below the bar easy depower Excellent
  • Relaunch: Simple and easy Excellent
  • Durability: Typical Naish solid build Excellent
  • Kitebag: Great bag with plenty of room for all of you needs and equipment Excellent
  • Pump: N/A


  • Kite inflates with a one-pump system, but struts need to be deflated separately.
  • Many Naish riders on the sigma design don’t sand their kite when on the beach but be sure it is pointed directly into the wind.

First of all, this is the first 2010 kite I’ve had the opportunity to demo, so I’m comparing this kite to 2009 technology. I took the 9m out using a 128cm board in about 26 knots. I was blown away by the kite’s smooth effortless turning, low bar pressure and great depower. I think this kite will become the flagship model for the 2010 Naish line-up due to its sheer versatility. The kite would suit beginners to intermediate riders that want a do all kite. Only a small amount of sheeting is required to kill power and the relaunch is excellent which will tick the boxes for many beginners, while the easy handling and adequate jumping ability will also please intermediate riders. The Cult is the best kite I’ve ever flown (compared to other ‘09 kites), I urge everyone to give this kite a demo at your local shop. Naish is back baby.