Caution 2010 Mayhem X Analyze This Kite Review

Originally Published in the December 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

Tested: 11m
Type of kite: SLE
Sizes available: 5, 7, 9, 11, 14, and 18

2010 Caution Mayhem X

2010 Caution Mayhem X

From the Manufacturer
The Mayhem X (MX) is the latest in Caution’s line of high performance kites. The design team’s goal for the Mayhem X was to refine the Mayhem line by tuning up it’s high performance characteristics to meet the needs of intermediate and advanced kiters. The 2010 MX offers unparalleled turning speed with Caution’s precision turning dynamics and our clean 4-line short bridle system. With an expanded “sweet spot” and ergonomically correct limited throw, the MX offers lively response and the ultimate in upwind riding ability. The Mayhem’s new 5- strut frame offers a reduction in canopy weight, faster inflation and crisp reactive steering characteristics. Caution’s acclaimed control system offers functional simplicity, and one of the industries few maintenance free trim loops. The Mayhem X’s single inflation system uses material and hardware upgrades for the ultimate in durability and longevity.


We were able to test the new Mayhem X (MX) in 20+ mph winds. Upon inflating the MX, we found it to be a stylish kite complete with Caution’s trademark flame graphics across the top of the canopy. The Mayhem X is very stable, rock solid in the gusts, and delivers a strong consistent power stroke. The 2010 MX is lighter than the original Mayhem, while still maintaining the bombproof construction that Caution is known for. Two struts were eliminated from last year’s kite and the wing tips are much shorter and wider making relaunching easy. The updated single point inflation system makes pumping up easy and fast. The bridle system is simple and short, probably the shortest on the market.

The bridles give the MX a direct and responsive feel. The bar pressure is slightly lighter than the original Mayhem, in the low to moderate range depending on your bar settings. Both front and rear bridles can be adjusted to change the turning speed of the kite. The kite we tested was set up in the stock factory settings (faster); something more experienced riders will want for wave riding or freestyle. The shorter bridles also improve the MX’s chance of relaunching, even if the kite rolls over a few times. This can be a key feature if you ride in shark-infested waters! The 2010 Control Bar System has adjustable bar ends so you only need one bar to fly any kite in their line. The safety system is clean and simple and the bar is tapered and comes with all the safety bells and whistles including the newly designed locking chicken loop and a centerline kill leash that you can connect under the chicken loop.

Some kites just like to jump, and the Mayhem X is one of them. The pop, hang time, and stability were spot on. Each of us felt immediately comfortable on the MX riding hooked and unhooked.

  • Inflation System: Single point inflation system Excellent
  • Control bar: Narrow diameter, light, and adjustable ends Excellent
  • Control bar accessories: Osh*t handles and below the bar QR Excellent
  • Safety system: Below bar push away QR with a center leash line Excellent
  • Bridle: Short length bridle Excellent
  • Stability: Rock solid and handles gust with ease Excellent
  • Power: Good power with low end Excellent
  • Turning: Quick and smooth turning with solid follow through of power Excellent
  • Pop: Good lofty jumps and float Above Average
  • Bar pressure: Light bar pressure – adjustable Light-Moderate
  • Depower: Good depower with above the bar depower strap Excellent
  • Relaunch: Simple and quick to relaunch with no effort Excellent
  • Durability: Can handle a surf beat down Excellent
  • Kitebag: Light and simple, carry it on the plane w/bar inside Above Average
  • Pump: Large volume with metal shaft and kite leash Excellent


  • Move the center lines up one knot to get more depower.
  • Set the rear lines with little or no slack when the power strap is totally out.
  • If you get over powered, an inch or two is all the brake you will need.


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