Designer’s Corner: Liquid Force CPR Control System

Originally Published in the October 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

Designer Profile:
Name: Julien Fillion
Age: 27
Location: US east and west coasts
Job Title: Kite Designer/Pro Rider
Designing: Almost 7 years
Kiteboarding: 5 years

Product name: CPR Control System
Product category: Kite Control and Safety System
Sizes available: 45, 50 & 55cm
Release date: Late August 09

Liquid Force has designed a completely new safety and control system to go with its 2010 lines of kites. We spoke to LF kite designer and pro rider Julien Fillion to find out about the company’s new CPR control system.


What were your goals in creating the new CPR Control System?
To create the safest, most compact and easy to use kite control system ever. The challenge was to make a
bar with industry leading QR safety that worked with either hand from the front or back of the bar, and to do this without clunky parts or disrupting the simple, clean feel that LF bars are known for. The CPR is a significant step up for safety systems in kiteboarding.

What do you think is the biggest advantage or innovation on your new control system?
The CenterLine Push Release (CPR) and the 100% flag line safety. This is the biggest innovation and the central safety technology. There are no mechanical or metal parts in the quick release and chicken loop. None of the parts on the LF CPR can rust or fail. This is a completely molded chicken loop with multiple molded pieces. The CPR incorporates a flag line safety option to connect the leash, which allows 100% depower by flagging the kite to one front line when the kite is released. The LF CPR solves the needs for advanced safety, without a bunch of crap all over the place to make it function. This bar straight out of the bag will appeal to a beginner rider due to the multiple safety features as well as a smooth clean feel and simplicity that even pro riders appreciate without modification. We have spent hundreds of hours to make it happen and are really excited and proud with the final result!

What are the safety features on the control bar?
Most important- the CPR- Center-Line Push Release. CPR allows for 100% depower leash attachment to the flagging line, as well as the standard LF connection option to the mainline, providing 90% depower. There are Oh Shizzle handles on each outside line and all of the lines are color coded and have kook-proof pigtails.

How does self launch and self landing work with this bar?
Self landing is easier (and safer!) than ever with the new CPR control system. With the leash connected to the flag line, simply release the bar to depower and flag the kite on to one line, connected with the leash.


Anything else you want to add about the bar in terms of feel, performance or customization?
New 3D molded chicken loop, the EVA grip covers a thinner diameter bar, the mainline is a thinner diameter, while the bar insert is a wider, super polished aluminum, allowing the bar to sheet in and out effortlessly without any drag or resistance. This also reduces wear points, meaning your mainline won’t fray and will last longer. The chicken loop and bar insert are indexed to align the CL with the bar when hooking in and out.

How does your new bar differ from what’s currently available on the market?
The CPR is the only push QR to use with 100% molded parts. It has no metal to rust, corrode or fail, or clunky parts bolted together to make it work. Just a super slick, push away quick release that works every time, while preserving the simplicity and clean style that have characterized LF’s previous bar designs.

Originally Published in the October 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

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