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Our special guest on the Asnews.net and The Kiteboarder Magazine podcast is David Hildalgo of Humboldt Kites and Villa Monica Hostel in Ecuador. The windy season on the Ecuadorian coast starts every year around May with the arrival from the south of the cold water Humboldt current, and lasts through December or January. With year round air temperatures hovering around 77 degrees, a wetsuit is rarely needed.
David joins us this week to talk about this emerging kitesurfing destination which offers travelers steady conditions, waves, warm water and a cultural experience in a place where your most expensive meal will be $5 and lodging averages $10-20 a night including breakfast! He will also be giving us some details about an upcoming competition in August. Still in the organizational stages, David hopes the draw of epic coastal conditions and an attractive purse will attract world class kiteboarders to Ecuador’s first Pro Kitesurfing event.

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Show #119

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