The Famous Best RV recently went up in flames in the middle of South Dakota.  Here is an excerpt from the Best website:

We pulled in there and we’re like, “Oh SH^%t, there’s smoke coming out of the back again.” And keep in mind, this is within no time whatsoever. Graham has a look outside as I’m pulling up slowly, and he’s like “Sh%&!t, there’s sparks, dude!” and the next thing you know … BOOOM! Little explosions start going off in the back, and we don’t even know what it was, whether it was an airbag in the suspension, or the battery, or a seal. We stopped and Graham got out quick to have a look at it and got out the fire extinguisher, and in the meantime, I’m grabbing all our stuff … which thankfully wasn’t in the back bedroom, it was on the couch … and the rest is history. The rest is history.

We had just enough time to get our stuff out before the entire bus filled with smoke. After Graham tried to put the fire out … there was fire underneath the whole bus … he got his video camera and started filming. I was a little hysterical, freaking out. I called JeffG, and said, “The bus is on fire, the bus is on fire!” I guess he didn’t believe me (Bucky had called in the same rumour last year) and was kind of laughing. I was like, “Dude, I’m serious … the bus is on fire! Don’t laugh!” I got a text message from Jake, saying, “See you tomorrow, but I said, “No no no, you won’t see us tomorrow, the bus burned down.”

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