Product: Warrior Waist Harness

Size(s): XS to XL

From the Manufacturer:

The developed Warrior has a new interior for 07. New structure material gives the harness the comfort of riding overpowered and the flexibility for new school tricks. With the handle pass system and secured leash rings it’s a perfect “Wake Style” Harness.

The Kiteboarder Report:

We tested Mystic’s Warrior and Firestarter harnesses over several weeks and were very impressed with how the harness system would not ride up. The Warrior utilizes thesame spreader bar system as the Firestarter and the construction and quality is superb. It has excellent padding and ships stock with a handlepass system, knife, and quick release buckle closure. The Warrior is very similar to its plusher brother the Firestarter, but is more flexible. If you are looking for a very comfortable and flexible harness with a higher back profile that won’t ride up, the Warrior is a good choice. It’s also the harness that Ruben Lenten wears.

Report Card

Spreader Bar System: Comes stock with a spreader bar and pad,Excellent

Accessories: Handlepass system and knife,Excellent

Stays in one place: This harness does not ride up,Excellent

Back Support: Solid back support,Above Average

Flexibility: Fits snug but still offers flexibility,Above Average

Comfort: Plush padding, very comfy,Above Average

Overall Quality: The Lexus of harnesses,Excellent