Two-time PKRA world champion and Best team rider Kristin Boese was recently interviewed at In the interview, Kristin describes her upbringing behind the Iron Curtain and her future plans on and off the PKRA. Here is a snippet from the interview:

When I met up with the team last October in Brazil, I had the chance to talk to Kristin at length about her life, growing up behind the Iron Curtain, how she got into kiting, and why she decided to leave the PKRA. At 29 then, and the oldest girl on the tour, Kristin had just successfully defended her PKRA World Champion title for the second year, and was exhausted from a year of nonstop traveling, competing, and promoting herself and her sponsors. Kiting just wasn’t fun anymore. This year, with a more relaxed competition schedule, and a focus on promoting the sport on a whole new level … book releases, kite films, girl’s clinics, and a cover on the September Issue of German Playboy … life hasn’t gotten any less busy, but she seems to be having a lot more fun. Here, a candid look at the life of Krisin Boese. ~ Stacey

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