Much more than just a Waroo with added protection and cold weather features, the Bularoo is a clean sheet design that draws heavily on the R&D teams’ SLE design expertise. The Bularoo has been created specifically for the challenging terrain and wind conditions that snowkiters and landboarders revel in. Its All-terrain credentials, depower and stability also make it highly suited to advance wave riding.

New product features on the Bularoo enable far easier inflation, enhance flight stability, increase turning speed and deliver the most durable inflatable kite ever built for the snow and land.

Our new ‘EZ-pump’ total inflation system delivers rapid inflation even with gloved hands. With only one pump point to inflate, you waste less time setting up and gain more time riding. The Air-line inflation system connects every strut directly to the LE bladder by a series of short one way silicon valves; this design adds minimal weight, maximum convenience and gives total flexibility in setting inflation pressure across the kite.

Unique ‘All Terrain’ canopy and airframe geometry make the Bularoo the most stable high performance SLE ever designed for All-terrain kiteboarding. A deeper canopy profile handles gusty conditions effortlessly; delivering smoothness in flight that has to be experienced to be believed. When other kites are rocking and surging in the gusts the Bularoo remains totally stable and reliable, from mountains to mountainous waves no other kite comes close.

Canopy Framing Technology across the entire kite protects from damage during big impacts. Placed between the airframe, the canopy and along the trailing edge, CFT delivers unmatched durability and protects your investment in equipment for seasons to come.

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