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2012 Kiteboarding Freeride Gear Review Guide

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For this review, we selected seven average kiteboarders to join us in beautiful and windy La Ventana along with a huge pile of brand new 2012 kiteboarding gear. We trucked 25 different kite models and 28 boards one thousand miles south of the border and spent a week putting it all through its paces. The information here comes straight from our testers’ review forms along with some input from members of the TKB staff.

After struggling for years on the subject of how to come up with a fair and balanced way to review kiteboarding gear, we think we’ve hit upon the most balanced way possible. This test was opened up to all kiteboarding brands, regardless of their status as an advertiser with The Kiteboarder Magazine and there are no kite or board advertisements from manufacturers in this review guide. Each kite review in the guide includes a link to a review video.



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