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Best 2010 Nemesis NXG Analyze This Kite Review

Best 2010 Nemesis NXG Analyze This Kite Review

AVAILABLE SIZES: 6, 8, 8, 10, 12,14
TESTED IN: La Ventana, 18-20 knots and choppy water


The all new Nemesis NXG sets the bar for performance riding, providing the perfect balance between C-kite responsiveness and SLE performance. Demanding riders will find it the unbeatable choice for big-air and high powered freestyle riding styles.

Combining Twister Tech with a radical new wingtip layout and C-kite plan-shape delivers faster, more powerful turn initiation with reduced bar pressure, maximizing handling responsiveness in any wind conditions. Our Cuben Equipped LE construction reduces drag and improves LE stiffness allowing you to ride the Nemesis NXG harder and faster upwind so you can spend more time in the competition zone.

A deeper, more powerful central canopy profile delivers incredible low wind ability while the VP3 bridle completely eliminates backstall, even when riding unhooked, ensuring that the NXG remains ultra stable across its entire wind range. Add in Canopy Framing, a 3D Kevlar airframe, and Best’s legendary Surf Tough construction and you have the number one kite choice for all performance focused riders, in any wind, on any wave.



Out of the Box: We reviewed the Nemesis NXG only a few issues ago, but it has since been updated because a problem at the factory involving panel layout was not letting the kite perform as it should. Once inflated the most obvious feature of the Nemesis NXG is the use of Cuben Fiber in the leading edge, which allows this kite to have a much smaller LE than other kites.

The bridle on the NXG is adjustable to change the turning speed and bar pressure of the kite. Another unique feature of the kite is what Best calls Twister Tech, which allows the LE to twist during turns. The bar features full carbon construction, 700-pound rated lines, an above-the-bar depower strap, adjustable stopper, and a push-away quick release.

On the Water : The most notable flying characteristic of the Nemesis NXG is the speed of the kite through the air. This kite flies fast, most likely because of the small leading edge. The bar pressure is medium-light and you get a constant feel of the kite regardless of whether it’s powered up or depowered. The NXG depowers very well and relaunches easily. The turning is extremely smooth and the Nemesis NXG has great boost and hang time. Because the kite flies very far forward in the window, it can be a little twitchy in gusty and/ or shifty winds.


  • The Nemesis NXG is a very fast flying kite.
  • Great performance for kiteloops and jumping unhooked or hooked in.


  • In gusty winds, the Nemesis NGX is a little touchy as it reacts to changes in wind speed and direction very quickly.
  • This kite does not have great low end. The NXG likes to be ridden powered up.


The Nemesis NXG is a fast high performance kite that people who push their riding will really appreciate. If you want to ride fast and jump big, this is a great kite for you. If you are more into cruising or want a kite that delivers a steady pull in shifty conditions, you may want to try something else.


  • Pump it up tight! That small LE needs to have a good amount of pressure in it.
  • Go with the AB bridle setting to get the fastest turning and lightest bar pressure. The AC setting will give you slower turning, more bar pressure, and slightly more low-end power.

Consumer Review: zondi at seabreeze.com.au
Awesome boosts, good height, and very floaty! This kite has quick turning on the AB setting. I had two learners there and they both got going with ease… Read the full review at www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=53748

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  1. This kite is awesome, fast and fun.

  2. Did you guys have a problem with the relaunch? When this kite crashes; the Twister Tech completely crumples the kite. Just when I though the kite would start to catch wind and relaunch it collapses. This is the worst kite i have every flown. It only has power on the outside of the window and the relaunch is horrifying

  3. The kite relaunched fine for us. You may need to pump your kite up harder – the smaller leading edges need a lot of pressure in them to make relaunching easier.

  4. Iv had ups and downs with this kite. Very fast and powerful for looping but on many occasions the kite tangles itself especially in gusty winds when its on the water. And once this kite tangles there is no saving you. Anywone else noticed this problem? Im using extended lines maybe thats why..

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