TKB LW Review: 2014 SLINGSHOT Turbine

The Turbine is a 5-strut low wind machine that Slingshot calls an Open Delta C which earned high praise for its low-end power in the lightest of wind.

Slingshot Announces the 2012 Turbine Light Wind Kite

We started off with a new bladder material that is 25% lighter. We also reduced the leading edge diameter and introduced a smaller strut size. Efficiency is king so we completely updated the design geometry as well as added a few new features in increase on-water performance.

Slingshot 2011 Turbine Analyze This Kite Review

The Turbine is Slingshot’s new light wind specific kite and it looks very similar to Slingshot’s popular Rally. The Turbine features Splitstrut, which means that the ribs are built into the canopy as opposed to being attached to the underside of it.