liquid force

Dorking Around

The Liquid Force team stays hooked in for fun in Baja, California

Winter Wonderland

Winter must be cold and snowy (said no one, ever). How's about a season in Latin America instead?

Below Zero Teaser

A sneak-peek at some snowy freeriding action up north this winter


Chilly temps be damned. Sport a suit and keep riding

Feel the Echo

Brandon Scheid teams up to produce his own pro-model freestyle board for 2015

Storm Rider

Spring Break in Mexico (and a tidy crash sequence) for one local Hood River freestyle rider

Joint Ops Brazil

The North American Blend Crew delivers action in a punchy edit from Northeast Brazil

Passion Seeker

Swiss-born Manuela Jungo knows a thing or two about living the good life


The NRG is a unique 4-strut high aspect freeride kite which impressed our testers with its wide range, low end power and light to medium bar pressure with good bar feedback and overall hangtime in the jumps.

TKB Review: 2014 LIQUID FORCE Envy

The Envy is a 3-strut medium aspect kite featuring a really solid build quality with good attention to detail that our testers found stable with good downwind drift and impressive hangtime.

2014 Buyer’s Guide: Liquid Force

For 2014 Liquid Force has released completely redesigned versions of the Envy and NRG kites as well as a refreshed surfboard line and some new accessories.