Brazil gets a bit more creative


Something different from Brazil

Half a Year

Half a year's kiting, filming, traveling and parties packed into four minutes


Location, location, location

Allow It?

A long break to promote a new energy and ability


Brazilian power moves with Youri Zoon

Not Brazil

Flatwater, kickers and rails break up the monotony of the perfect Brazilian wind conditions

Fall Sessions

One chill edit and a bonus chuckle at the very end

Red Sea Wind

After two and a half months in Brazil, Airush team rider Marc Toth heads back to one of his favorite riding destinations, Hamata, Egypt where he spends a full m... Read More...

De Brazil

Want an edit that's loaded with wakestyle action? This is it.


Pure, powerful must-see freestyle mayhem in Brazil


One kick-ass short edit, featuring one of our favorite down-to-earth rippers