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Last week, the East Coast Airush crew went down to the Florida Keys. They headed over to Matt Sexton's new endeavor, Keys Cable, to test out some boards behind ... Read More...

Ventura Sessions

Some soulful footage from the summer vault of Two Brothers Films

I See You

Bear Karry and his dad hit the California coast

Fall Sessions 2013

Five of the nation's best kitesurfers and Peter Trow behind the lens.

One More

A 20-minute edit from Airush following 14 riders to over 10 locations around the world.

VIDEO: 100 Seconds with Bear Karry

100 Seconds with Bear Karry playing around in California and abroad during his trip to Cape Verde. Purely talented, simply stoked, and only riding strapless, Bear mixes wave riding with arials.
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Shades of Green Movie Now Online!

Finishing up a summer of traveling, Naish’s Reo Stevens and Ian Alldredge met up in Indonesia with Ben Wilson and newcomer, Bear Karry.