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The Kiteboarder Magazine Vol. 15, No. 4


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The Fall 2018 issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine.



Tkb’s Winter 2018 issue drops into the rack with tons of eye-popping and mind-blowing classic kite stories that will put you one step closer to knowing everything one needs to know about the legendary people and places of kiteboarding;

– Proof of the Prince (Prince Edward Island)
– Crossing Lines with Love
– Svetlana Romantsova
– Girls of the Green Room
– Medysky Off the Wall
– Ipanema (With Sebastian Ribeiro)
– Profile: Armando Osuna
– Profile: Mikaili Sol
– Method: Keahi’s Open Face Carve
– Roots: Manu Bertin

Fasten your quick release and dig in!


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