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Volume 9, Number 2

*Great Lakes: North America's Forgotten Coast *A Duel in Venezuela *The Roberto Ricci Interview

Volume 9, Number 1

*The Best Odyssey: A Voyage for Madmen *Kiteboarding in Oman *The Kite Boat Project *Is Racing the Future of Kiteboarding?

Volume 8, Number 5

*One Day in the Alaska Backcountry *The Central California Coast *Across the African Desert *Bali Bagus! Bali Bagus!

Volume 8, Number 4

*The Sherman Island Kiteboarding Experience *Mission to the Maldives *The Longest Wave: Pacasmayo, Peru *The Kids are Alright: How Kiteboarding can Help Communities

June 2011

*SPECIAL: 2011 TKB Instructional Guide *INTERVIEW: Liquid Force Designer Julien Fillion *Launch: Help the Coast Guard Help Kiters

April 2011

*TRAVEL: 2011 La Ventana Classic and KiteXpo *INTERVIEW: Slingshot Designer Amery Bernard *RUM CAY: The Best Kept Secret of the Bahamas

February 2011

*TRAVEL: Banana Hammocks and Caipirinhas in Brazil *BACKWOODS: A up close look at St. Martin *On the Road and On the Loose with Hadlow and Lenten
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December 2010

*TRAVEL: Alaska Roadtrippin: A Trip to Thompson Pass *BACKWOODS: Tobago Cays with the Zenith Ocean Crew *How to Save Access at Your Local Beach
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October 2010

*TRAVEL: Kiteboarding Vanuatu: The happiest place on earth *INTERVIEW: The Unstoppable Billy Floyd *The TKB 2011 Gear Preview Guide
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August 2010

*13,000 Miles of Kitesurfing: 15 Countries over 145 Days in a VW Van *From the Beginning: An interview with Wainman Hawaii's Franz Olry *Instructional: Nuclear Grab, Unhooking in Waves, Hitting a Slider
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June 2010

*TRAVEL: Cabo Verde: Children of the Point *2010 TKB Annual Instructional Guide *INTERVIEW: Matt Sexton
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April 2010

*INTERVIEW: The Baja Joe Story *TRAVEL: Five Family Friendly Destinations *SPECIAL: La Ventana 2010 Event Wrap Up
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February 2010

*FEATURE: Behind Shades of Green *TRAVEL: 5 Domestic Snowkiting Locations *INSTRUCTION: Off to the Rescue
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December 2009

*INTERVIEW: Chris Tronolone: Caught on Tape *TRAVEL: Amazing Los Roques *TRAVEL: Bus Trip to San Quintin, Baja California
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October 2009

*GEAR: 2010 Kiteboarding Gear Guide *INTERVIEW: Bill Tai, Kite Guy of Silicon Valley *TRAVEL: Exploring La Ventana, Baja
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August 2009

*LAUNCH: No-Wind Fun with Banshee Bungee *TRAVEL: Discover Windy Aruba *INSTRUCTIONAL: Special Guide to Stand Up Paddleboarding
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June 2009

*INTERVIEW: History of Caution Kiteboarding *TRAVEL: Gorge Riding Guide *INSTRUCTIONAL: Annual TKB Kiteboarding Handbook
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April 2009

*INTERVIEW: The Man Behind the Scenes at Naish *SPECIAL: Hi-Tech Materials Used in Kiteboarding *INSTRUCTIONAL: Kiting in the Surf
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February 2009

*SPECIAL: Go Speed Racer! *INTERVIEW: The Pete Cabrinha Story *WORKBENCH: The Ultimate Kite Pump
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October 2008

*INTERVIEW: History of Slingshot Kiteboarding *INSTRUCTIONAL: The Pucker Factor *TUNING: 10 Pro Tuning Tips
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August 2008

*INTERVIEW: Eric Hertsens of EH Kiteboarding *ETIQUETTE: Be a Responsible Kiteboarder *TRAVEL: The Island of Martinique
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June 2008

*INSTRUCTIONAL: Annual Beginner to Advanced Guide *LAUNCH: Fresh-Water Waves *TRAVEL: When Everything Goes Wrong in Cozumel
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June 2007

*INSTRUCTIONAL: The Kiteboarder Handbook *TRAVEL: Exploring the West Indies on the Best Odyssey *INTERVIEW: Photo Gugu Stephen Whitesell
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April 2007

*TRAVEL: Island Hopping in the AEGEAN *INTERVIEW: Forum Face Off - The Forum Leaders *TRAVEL: Dominican Republic: Cabarete Rediscovered
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December 2006

*TRAVEL: Behind the Scenes in Turkey *GEAR: Pimp Your Ride *TRAVEL: The Australian Diaries: A Journey to the Edge
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October 2006

*INSTRUCTIONAL: Try This: Downloop Turns, Riding Unhooked *TRAVEL: Destination Dreams: Barbados, Queen Charlotte's, St. Lucia *INSTRUCTIONAL: Wave Theory with Top Hat and Pivec
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May 2006

*INSTRUCTIONAL: The Kiteboarder Academy *TRAVEL: South Coast Winds Exposed in Corpus Christi *TRAVEL: The Brazil Sessions