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Sizes Available: 135×40, 138×41, 141×42, 144×43, 148×44 (LW), 152x45cm (LW)
Sizes Tested: 138x41cm

Airush Says:

The longest-running board model in kiteboarding history – the Switch is the ultimate refined freeride machine. Designed for all-around fun riding, combining ease of use with forgiving and friendly handling, the Switch matches the needs of progressing kiters and those looking for a comfortable ride. With a step down rail for maximum edge control and Multizone Biotech Core, the progressive single concave provides excellent comfort for a smooth and lively riding experience. Thin rails ensure a clean water release and offer sensationally low drag and easy upwind tracking.

Visit for more info: www.airush.com/boards/switch/



TKB Says:

We tested the regular model of the Switch twintip which is back in its 11th version and keeps its eyes firmly planted on comfort and user-friendly freeriding for all around versatility.

Design and Features
The Switch belongs to a family of boards that has a more comfortable, intuitive and friendly ride with many of these aspects built into its shape and flex properties. Starting with the template you will notice the rounder rail outline that smoothly tucks into a slightly narrower nose and the bottom shape tends to be a bit h less aggressive. The Switch’s hull features a fairly subtle single concave and the mix of basalt fiberglass and Paulownia wood core offers a nice light weight for an all around freeride board. The Switch has two strap inserts for adjusting stance width and our board came with 35mm GFN (glass-filled nylon) fins, which are smaller than the 45mm GFN fins that are listed as coming stock with this board.

The first thing we noted about the Switch is how efficient the single concave feels through the water with easy to plane acceleration that made staying upwind in lighter conditions much easier than we expected. There’s a single concave that goes from tip to tip but it gets progressively deeper in the mid-section of the board and helps the stepped down rails to bite into the water on upwind tacks while still feeling very fast and smooth. Since we rode the Switch with more freestyle-geared fins, we noted that the tail was a bit more skatey than the board would feel if it was rigged out of the box with the next size up fin. Regardless of the smaller fins, the tight rail and bottom shape felt stable on upwind tacks without a ton of input from the rider. While the Switch features a flatter rocker to increase its speed and efficiency, the tips slice through aggressive chop sans tip spray with a dampened feel that softens the chatter of upwind slogs and makes for user-friendly riding.

When it comes to jumping, the softer flex pattern helps the board to maneuver into fun-sized jumps, which makes the Switch a good match for progression-minded riders. For those who want to really load the board up with extra power and pop, the softer flex won’t deliver high performance load and pop, however the Switch in the Team construction is worth a try because it gives you a slightly stiffer flex pattern that allows you to load the board more on jumps while still keeping the friendly freeride feel that is fun for carving.

As the Switch has continually improved its freeride versatility, its carving continues to be playful and easy to manage. The glide that you get out of the flatter rocker helps you to carve up waves with less kite power and the flex and rocker in the tips, combined with its medium grip, make turns and basic transitions easy. As mentioned above, we tested the Switch with 35mm fins while the board typically comes with 45mm fins. This made our carving a bit more skatey than the stock setting, which required a bit more attention to rail pressure through turns, yet we could feel how the template aided in easy transitioning in and out of hard turns.

We’d recommend the Switch to those entry-level riders looking for their first board or progression-minded kiters who want a smooth and forgiving ride that will help them build skills through the intermediate stage. Maximizing water time with easy upwind riding and a forgiving grip and reliable but maneuverable carving are the keys to quick progression and these are the features that make the Switch such a versatile freeride board.

Pads and Straps
The Switch came with the Boost V2 strap and binding system that features a newly redesigned footbed. The Boost V2 has a single Velcro adjustment strap that is easy to adjust and comes in two sizes: Men’s US 3-7(small) and 7-13(large). The key difference between V1 and V2 is the new reverse camber in the base that keeps the pad flush with the deck and the new texture that gives you a bit of extra traction and works with the subtle toe bump to keep your foot from backing out during aggressive riding. The pad is a single density foam that feels fairly plush. The Boost V2 takes a simple and minimal approach to keeping your feet comfortable and attached to the board.

Visit for more info: www.akdurablesupplyco.com/product/kite/boost-bindings/


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