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Sizes Available: 134×41, 138×41.5, 142×42
Sizes Tested: 138×41.5cm

Naish Says:

The Motion is our top selling freeride board and for good reason. It is a perfect balance of ease of use and freeride performance, ridden by new kiteboarders and top athletes alike. The advanced top and bottom shaping provide the Motion with a consistent flex throughout the board, and the all-new Flex Tip design gains extra control through carves and powerful edging. The Paulownia wood core and high-grade laminates make the Motion incredibly light, even though it can be ridden hard like a board twice its weight. The Motion really is the perfect do it all, lightweight board which will help you progress no matter who you are.

Visit for more info: www.naishkites.com/product/motion/



TKB Says:

Since the last time we tested the Motion it’s received some performance mods that have added just a little bit of rounding to the tip template as well as changes to the core thickness at the tips with cut outs that increase the flex during jumps and hard carves. The Motion shares its bottom shape and rocker with the Drive, except that the Motion wraps its Paulownia wood core with high-grade laminates rather than the 3k carbon that you will find in the Drive.

The Motion features a triple concave bottom with a short bevel/channel along the rail and comes with 5cm Naish fins and three inserts for adjusting stance width that are mounted along the centerline. We loved the Motion’s fast and smooth upwind riding that sliced effortlessly through the chop. While the moderate rocker is shared with the Drive, the Motion’s flex feels a little softer and it seemed to suck up the worst chop with no chatter. When we set the rail for riding up wind the Motion’s edging felt casual and balanced without much attention from the rider.

When it came to jumping, the flex tips and extra channels seemed help initiate load and pop while supplying plenty of control. Although the two boards share the same bottom, The Motion doesn’t feel like it has quite as much grip as the Drive so it has a more playful feel in the tail with some extra flex that felt good during carves and helped with basic transitions and off-kilter landings.

While the Motion doesn’t have quite the same lightweight feel of the Drive, it has the standard feel of a freeride board in your hands and the flex is a bit more approachable for progression and intermediate riders. The Motion screams up wind and devours rough conditions with user-friendly load and pop and that riders of all skill levels can appreciate.

Pads and Straps
The Motion came with Naish’s acclaimed Apex pad and strap system. Universally loved by our test team, the Apex bindings are rounded and comfy with a plush rubbery feel that give you lots of grip and cupping in the footbed while keeping your foot firmly in place during the most critical maneuvers. The Apex uses various foam inserts that allow you to dial in the level of density in the footpad when you set up your board. Naish offers two pad sizes to choose from (shoe sizes 5-12 and 9-15) and there’s a subtle toe bump to keep your toes locked in place. The straps feature quad adjustment that allow you to dial in the shape and tension over your foot and the mounts can move forward and back in the frame to get the straps perfectly situated over your foot. The Apex is one of the top pad/strap options on the market and has consistently earned high marks with our test team for their comfort and control that gives you a supremely solid connection to your board.


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