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Ergonomic individualization, high-tec materials and progressive designs across all categories make the new 2022 range stand out.

“We explore, we adventure, we seek thrills, we fail, but then succeed and set out to inspire others. We represent the versatility of water sports. Gusty winds, gnarly waves, harshest weather – we always have the right equipment for you.”

By introducing the Ergo_Concept, Ion is proud to announce yet another innovation. Prioritizing the rider’s health, they focus product development towards an ergonomically fitted range.

The 3D Fit Technology is the first of many developments within the Ergo_Con-cept. It allows every kiter and windsurfer to find their individualized fitted hardshell harness.

Pushing product development in all categories, the already warmest wetsuits are now upgraded with unmatched flexibility.

These come along with design highlights across many categories, an extension of the wingfoiling range and the integration of sustainable Waste2Wear® fabrics in even more a part of the range.

Click here to view the collection: https://www.boards-more.com/en/ion/water