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The guys at Duotone caught up with Rita to ask her a bit more about kiteboarding, travel, progression and what its like to join the Duotone team.

Rita, congratulations and welcome to the team! We’re more than happy to have you on board! For the few who don’t know you, how did your kitesurfing career start and at which point are you now in your professional kiteboarding career?

Thank you!! I’m really excited to start this new journey. I have been kiteboarding for 10 years of which 8 years professionally. I started windsurfing when I was 10 years old. Both my parents were Windsurf Spanish Champions and my Dad was amongst the first to start kiteboarding in Spain in 98’. They were the ones that introduced me to these amazing sports.

I would say I’m at the peak of my kiteboarding career and believe that this will only continue to develop. I gained lots of experience in the past years and I’m ready to step up my game, improve my riding and keep on promoting this amazing sport.

You’re based in Spain, which are your favorite places in Spain and which are your favorite spots in the world and why?

Yes, I’m from Barcelona and my homespot is in Sant Pere Pescador, in Roses bay near the border of France. I would say that is my favorite spot, because it is where it all began and will always continue, sharing sessions with my loved ones. I also really like Tarifa, I used to go there every year a couple of times.

For the rest of the world, I would say the NE of Brazil between August-December is my favorite for freestyle, strapless and Big Air. In between 500km you have got plenty of nice spots to go and enjoy kiteboarding in the lagoons or in the open ocean. I also like Los Roques, in Venezuela for freestyle, it is the most beautiful place I have ever kited.

All in all, anywhere with friends and good winds would be a great spot to go.

You’re a regular on the top spots of the GKA Freestyle World Cup and Spanish Champion, what does it mean to you to compete?

It’s adrenaline, it’s challenging, it means consistency and hard work to get to the top and to stay there. I enjoy training and becoming the best version of myself in and out the water. Competition makes me work on my body-mind connection and stay focused and calm.

How is it to travel and to compete with your friends? Is it different in competition season and off season and if so why?

I love it!! Without even expecting it, my opponents became my best friends and I think this is beautiful, we help and push each other in and out of the water and we are always happy for each other’s achievements. Of course there is a bit more tension before and during the competition. But once the competition is over, everything goes back to normal and we have a lot of fun traveling together all year round. I regularly go for trips just for fun and taking some time off from kiteboarding with friends.

Besides competition, what does kitesurfing mean to you?

Indeed it is a lifestyle, a chance to connect with nature, feel part of it and to travel the world looking for the best spots. Getting to know people from all around the world that share the same passion as me, it’s priceless! It feels amazing to be part of this community.

What other interests drive you?

I’m really passionate about everything related to fitness, nutrition and self development, as well as healing and improving my health and wellness through natural ways. The human body is magnificent, if we know how to fuel it and train it properly. I also have interests in astrology and the newest technologies.

At Duotone we’re more than stoked you’re joining the team, how do you feel about it?

As a rider it’s something I’ve always aimed for. To be part of a team where all the riders are really connected with each other, encourage each other and do cool projects together in order to keep on growing as an athlete. Having this chance now just makes everything even better!

You recently started a cooperation with Porsche, how did that start, what happened so far and any projects in the future about which you can talk about already?

Yes, it all started with the video commercial of the Taycan Cross Turismo, they wanted to put some kiteboarding on it. After that it was a matter of a few months that they decided to get more involved in the kite scene and we met in Tarifa to shoot the announcement of the new partnership with them. I have already had the chance to be at a few events and now we are working on future projects. Little sneak peek, in January we are planning to do a drive and kite experience with Porsche in Finland. As well, Duotone & Porsche is developing a new workout section for kitesurfers in the Duotone app which I get involved in for some workouts and fitness exercises for the kite community.

If you could choose riders of the Duotone team to do a project together with, who would it be, why, and which direction of project would you have in mind?

Of course my competitors!! Mika and Pippa, I have the most fun with them in and out of the water. We push each other a lot. They are as focused and passionate on kiteboarding as I am and I would love to go on kite trips and adventures, in different kite spots to see where we can take together our kite level and to truly showcase what women kiteboarding is all about. Showing that the level is high, that we work HARD and everyday to push the level. I would also don’t mind traveling with riders from different disciplines and we could exchange some knowledge.

Anything you want to add?
That’s it for now, I’m really excited for what’s to come.

This article first appeared on the Duotone website HERE.