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Founded by kite and board designer Peter Stiewe, Eleveight has experienced yet another year of growth with an incredibly versatile line of kite products and full range of boards and foils. With a new hydrofoil system and tweaks to the existing lineup, North American distributor Kevin Wade guides us through Eleveight’s 2022 offerings.

The XS is known as Eleveight’s high performance big air platform. What are the design elements behind the XS that make it perform so well and how does that overlap with the boosting style of Eleveight’s cross-over kite, the RS? 

The XS has been a huge success and a great addition to the lineup. The XS has a 5-strut design with a flatter arc that gives it a lot of power and rigidity. With all of that well-supported canopy sitting flat to the wind, it is hard not to go big every time on the XS. Pairing the extra flat canopy with a delta hybrid design and a higher aspect ratio than the RS, is what makes the XS the boosting machine that it is.

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When it comes to surf and kite foiling, the RS, WS surf kite and single strut OS kite are compelling crossovers. What are the key features of these kites and how should users choose between these kites for the surf and hydrofoiling disciplines?

The RS is the most versatile of the three; if you want one kite to cover any style of riding it’s an easy choice. The WS has some similarities, but it has better downwind drift and lower bar pressure making it perfect for the surf and foil segment. The OS is the kite to get if you need to be as efficient as possible; it’s better for lighter wind applications and a great choice for foiling or freeriding. 

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The Eleveight twintip line has evolved to offer something for everyone. Starting with the Ignition and going all the way to the Commander, what are the key features of the boards and how does that translate to the target rider and discipline?

The Ignition is a perfect beginner board with great upwind drive, and one that you can keep around for lighter wind days. The Process is a higher performance freeride board that has become very popular and is a great go-to board in all conditions. The Process is also available in carbon construction. The Master is a performance freestyle board with lots of pop for big air and freestyle riding. It’s available in three different builds: the Master is the fiberglass/carbon reinforced model, the Master C+ is the full carbon version, and the Master S which is built specifically for smaller/light weight riders. The Commander is a freestyle/wakestyle board and has the most rocker/channeling of the line. It has an ultra-durable bottom sheet with a fiberglass/carbon string layup that is the perfect balance of stiffness, flex and durability.

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The surfboard line comes in two constructions, how does the CFT compare to CVC and how should riders choose between the Curl Pro and the Escape surfboard shapes?

The CFT boards are handmade in Portugal. They are all dedicated strapless board and use polyester resin combined with carbon and innegra reinforcements. This gives the boards more of a traditional surf feel and flex pattern. They also sit a bit lower in the water. Kiters looking to surf the wave with little to no assistance from the kite will appreciate the Pro Series. CVC boards utilize epoxy resin combined with layers of carbon fiber and compressed wood. The CVC version of the Curl also includes inserts for strapped riders. New school and powered riders will enjoy the CVC boards due to their added durability and lightweight construction. 

The Curl is made for traditional high-performance surfing. If you like throwing buckets of spray and laying hard into powered turns, the Curl is for you. The Escape is designed for strapless freestyle and new school surf. Riders looking to make the most out of imperfect conditions and push the limits of strapless freestyle will love the Escape.  

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This year Eleveight is releasing its second generation of hydrofoil technology with the HXS series. What are the key components of the kite foiling package and how should riders choose between the Carve Air and Carve Air Pro foilboards? 

We’ve stepped up our game with the HXS series this year in order to accommodate the growing wing segment. We’ve found that rigidity is a key factor in determining performance. The HXS line uses carbon front and rear wings, along with an updated fuselage design for a more solid connection. 

The Carvair is more of a twintip style layup with added carbon reinforcements for rigidity. Riders looking for ease of use and added durability will favor these boards. The pro model is more compact and offers maximum rigidity from core to deck. Advanced riders looking for the ultimate in surf/ freeride performance will be stoked on this board. 

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Learn more about Eleveight’s 2022 lineup at www.eleveightkites.com

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