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Finals day in Cumbuco, Brazil, was nothing short of spectacular! The top riders in the world gave a breathtaking performance for both the Men’s and Women’s finals. The battle for the Cumbuco podium positions was a fierce one, which saw the athletes give their all on the water.

Women’s Finals

The Women’s Final was an exciting mix, with current World Champion Mikaili Sol looking to defend her title, going up against Rita Arnaus, Nathalie Lambrecht, and 3x former World Champion Karolina Winkowska.

Mikaili Sol finished the heat with a spectacular 317, scoring another perfect 10 points. After an outstanding heat, she cruised back to the beach as the 2021 GKA Freestyle World Champion, and the winner of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Cumbuco. Rita Arnaus claimed 2nd place, a great reward for all of the hard work. Karolina Winkowska, claimed the 3rd podium position, an unreal come-back to her first freestyle competition in many years. Nathalie Lambrecht rode solidly for her first-ever final, and finished this competition in 4th place.

Men’s Final

The finals saw Swiss rider Maxime Chabloz go up against the top three Brazilian riders: Carlos Mario, Erick Anderson, and Manoel Soares. The action was outstanding from the start. All riders remained so close together in points right until the last round of tricks. Carlos Mario left everyone speechless with his final trick, an outstanding Heart Attack 7 scoring a perfect 10 points. He, once again, showed the World that he is the king of freestyle kiteboarding, and he is back on top. Maxime Chabloz was so close to claiming the win, but his final trick score fell slightly short, and he had to settle for second place.

Erick Anderson finished in 3rd, delighted with his podium position, and Manoel Soares, who rode incredibly well during this ultra-competitive final, finished the event in 4th position.

So once again, 17-year-old Mikaili Sol takes the win of both the GKA Freestyle World Cup Cumbuco together with the 2021 GKA Freestyle World Championship title, and Carlos Mario claimed the win for this event, celebrating with hundreds of fans on the windy shores of Cumbuco. This location is always a spectacular place to finish the final event of the season.