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Kiteboarding in Holland is a mission. We have a lot of water and a lot of wind. Not the typical trade winds: Low pressure systems deliver cold, rainy and gusty conditions with winds coming from all directions. Scoring a good session means preparing with the forecast charts, scouting locations, and require a bit of luck. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it does not. This season we wanted to take you on a tour trough our best spots with prime conditions. As always, the wind did not work out as planned. This shows what kiteboarding in Holland is! You always have to play with the cards you are dealt. But in this imperfectness also lies it’s beauty – The unexpected is the reason I fell in love with the sport in the first place. Let me take you on a trip in our home country and show you what the possibilities are.” — Stig Hoefnagel


Concept/Rider: @stig_hoefnagel
Directed by: @edwinhaighton