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Foil Success – ALIEN AIR V4

Progression / Stability / Success
Slingshot developed the all-new Alien Air V4 to make foiling as easy as possible. Featuring a reduced volume construction, the Alien Air V4 is now even easier to water start and progress to more advanced foiling.

The Alien Air has taught more people how to foil than almost any other foil board. Now in its 4th iteration, the board has been fully optimized for foiling progression. With a reduced volume from previous years, the board is far easier to maneuver in the water and starting position. Less volume makes your first water starts more manageable and gives your more performance as your progress past the beginner stage. Featuring subtle chined rails and an effective nose rocker, the Alien Air will keep you on foil.

Convert Your Ride – CONVERTER XR V4

Foil / Surf / Versatility
The Converter XR V4 is a versatile all-in-one foil and kitesurfing board built to shred with or without a foil. Based on Slingshot’s popular Sci Fly XR model, this lightweight convertible foil board offers both versatility and performance.

The flatter rocker and parallel rail outline deliver top-of-the-line efficiencies both on and off foil. This allows riders to hold down a better edge without a foil and also gives you the speed you need to get on foil. The winged-diamond tail shape provides added grip and pop for strapless freestyle tricks and it also provides added leverage when pushing off the water to get yourself on foil. The Converter XR V4 features Slingshot’s XR construction, which gives the rider the feel and performance of a traditional surfboard in a lightweight package. The Converter XR V4 is by far the most versatile shape in Slingshot’s range and is the one-board travel quiver for kitesurfing and foiling.

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