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We hope you don’t have plans for this coming fall, because on September 1st, the biggest contest in the history of kitesurfing will start. Even kiters without WOO can participate and in some categories also hobby kiters have a good chance to win against the pros.

The prize money of WOO Worlds is $30,000 US dollars, participants can a win kites and bars by brands such as Core, Duotone, Eleveight, Flysurfer and Ocean Rodeo. The complete kite sets will be raffled among all participants of the WOO Worlds contest. The contest will take place in different categories, in some even amateur kiters have a good chance of winning.

WOO Worlds – these are the categories:

WOO is so much more than just jumping. This is also reflected in the WOO Worlds contest. Even kiters without WOO can win in the categories “Total Distance” and “Draw a heart”. All that is needed is a cell phone or Apple Watch and the latest WOO update. By this, GPS data  is recorded and can be uploaded via the WOO app – completely for free. The total distance is measured within one hour, the recording starts after five minutes and ends after one hour and five minutes. While in the other categories entries are only allowed with twintip, hydrofoilers, wingfoilers or kiters with waveboards can also participate in the total distance and “Draw a heart” battle.

WOO wants people to play more. The Team Challenge of WOO Worlds is the first multiplayer version of the game. The results of the top 5 players of a team will count in categories such as total height, maximum height and total distance. How to participate? Put together a team and upload the data under your hashtag. 

Of course, kiters can also score in the classic WOO category “Highest Jump”. There is separate prize money for men, women, under 16s and over 50s – a total of US$10,000 for the top three finishers in each category, plus a bonus of $2,000 for the highest jump overall.

Also consistency pays off in WOO Worlds: The kiters with the highest total jump height in September will receive prize money totalling $1,750.

In the “Best Video” category, water sports enthusiasts can document their experience and (mis)fortunes at WOO Worlds. The video can entertain, make the viewers laugh or simply share epic moments. Commentators of the event will be the kite legend Lewis Crathern and the notorious “Colin Colin Carroll”, who never takes neither himself nor the kite industry too seriously.

All WOO Worlds dates at a glance – always use hashtag #wooworlds

Category / Dates / Prize money  (1st)                                                                                                     

Highest jump

Men / 1st – 29th of September 2021 / $2,000 
Women / 1st – 29th of September 2021 / $2,000 
Under 16 / 1st – 29th of September 2021 / $1,000 
Over 50 / 1st – 29th of September 2021 / $1,000 

Total height / 1st – 22th September 2021 / $1,000 

Total distance (1 hour) / 1st – 22th September 2021 / $1,000 

Draw a heart   #drawaheart / 1st – 22th September 2021 / $1,000 

Best video / 1st Sept – 3rd Oct 2021 / $1,000 

Team Challenges                                         

Total distance (Top 5) per Hashtag / 8th – 14th of September 2021 / $2,000

#wooworlds #team_yourteamname

Total height (Top 5) per Hashtag / 1st – 7th of September 2021 / $2,000
#wooworlds #team_yourteamname

Maximum height  (Top 5) per Hashtag / 1st – 29th of September 2021 / $2,000
#wooworlds #team_yourteamname

+ Bonus $2,000 for the overall highest jump

For more info visit: https://wooworlds.com