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Fine-tune your twintip ”˜on the fly’ with the innovative REVO grab handle customizing rocker and flex with a simple twist of the hand.

The REVO is a completely new innovation to the kiteboarding scene. Never before has one small accessory had the power to change the performance parameters of your twintip.

Easy to assemble on any Eleveight board, the rocker and flex can be altered mid-session specifically to suit the conditions you’re in. Simply twist the handle to switch up your ride for a more dynamic feel, or decide to cruise more comfortably it’s up to you.

Using a system that’s as simple to assemble as a lightweight grab handle, your board can access two modes with specific riding parameters. The passive mode maintains a standard rocker with normal flex, ideal for speed, carving, comfort and pop. Whereas the active mode changes the dynamics to give less rocker and flex for early planning, greater upwind ability and performs better in light wind.

The REVO will let you finetune your ride mid-session breaking new performance limits via one easy to use accessory.

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