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Sizes Available: 115cm x 46cm – 11.5L, 125 x 47 – 15.3L, 135 x 49 – 21.1L
Sizes Tested: 115m

Core Says:

The all-new SLC Foilboard is your ticket to foil. Light and responsive, the full carbon and PVC sandwich construction reduces the board’s weight and provides superior stiffness. Standard, unidirectional, and biaxial carbon laminations that reinforce critical stress areas improve longevity and durability.

Lean in, and enjoy the ride. Sidecut rails allow you to heel further especially in rougher waters. Should you unexpectedly come off the wing, the slightly convex bevel helps you get back on track. Reduced rail volume also sinks the rail deeper for fast water starts.

Smooth, predictable touchdowns. A shallow V at the nose transitions into a double concave deep V. This hull design pops you up in a jiffy, especially after those unintentional splashdowns.

Balanced. Forgiving. And responsive. Optimized for no-fuss touchdowns, and a balanced foiling experience. You’ll notice on your first ride that your front foot has a better feel of the board and foil. And the slight deck indentation delivers fantastic foot placement feedback.

Visit for more info: www.corekites.com/us/foil/slc

TKB Says:

The smallest of the three SLC foilboard decks, the SLC 115 gives you all the performance you need in a hyper-slick design while keeping the user-friendly qualities that will inject consistency into the sessions of riders of all skill levels.

Design and Features
The SLC attends to all the details, both big and small, like the extra-long mast track that gives you more mounting options and the visual scale that helps you make sure you get back to your favorite mast placement setting for every session. With a double concave in the nose and a center spine that transitions from hard to soft and then ultimately to flat moving back towards the tracks, the SLC has a classic kite foil shape with its wide point forward of the midline and template tapering to a narrower tail. The SLC 115’s rails are tight with a shallow chine that travels back to its tail where there’s a step style departure that we presume reduces drag. The board’s deck pad features an EVA that has substantial vertical groves and covers the full deck. Threaded inserts with three forward/aft options for the front foot and two for the back in a three-strap ducked stance round out the package.


There’s been a trend towards making kite foiling decks hyper small to accentuate maneuverability but this typically requires sacrifices. The SLC 115 is the smallest board in Core’s lineup and it does its best to push performance while retaining user-friendly qualities that can prove useful to advanced kite foilers while still appealing to intermediate riders aspiring to cross into that next level.

The first thing we noticed about the SLC 115 was its super-rigid construction with an overall light to medium weight. The deck offers a really stiff platform between your front and back foot and since your front foot is the gas pedal, this ensures that every ounce of energy and control that you put into the deck transfers directly to the foil underneath. We loved the board’s flat deck with a pad that covers every inch of it, giving our feet a ton of room to move—the board’s rocker built into its forward section puts your front foot at a bit of an upward angle, giving you a very solid feel over your foot placement. In front of your foot, the nose scoops up to create an extra generous rocker that will help you recover when you stuff the 115’s nose. There’s a very unique feel here that tends to give your footing extra confidence; this nose-up feel is a bit different from boards that have a neutral pitch, but the Core designers believe this helps riders control speed.

Even in underpowered conditions, the 115 was quite easy to get up and accelerate to foiling speed without a ton of power in the kite. The deck has just enough volume to give you enough float while not being too corky to control during strapless waterstarts. The SLC 115 with its double concave and V-bottom in the nose does a great job of separating from the water for easy foil-ups, softens the hit from accidental touchdowns and can help you ride away from all but the biggest blunders.

Ultimately, the three sizes in Core’s SLC line of boards all integrate highly thought-out features that refine the foiling experience. The 115 is definitely a more advanced board because of its smaller template and volume, but it’s not so small that a small to mid-sized intermediate foiler with good kite skills couldn’t grow into its performance. For those riders that are pushing tacks, jibes, airs and hard carving, the SLC 115 is an excellent option to carry that forward.


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