The Session is for the rider wanting a versatile surf oriented kite with performance freeride capabilities. Interchangeable fixed or pulley bridles lets you choose between more direct steering with an on-off power delivery, or smooth and progressive gust response with light bar pressure. Either way, your Session is bound to be all time.

Available sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12m

The Airush Session was developed with their surf & strapless team: Reider Decker, Oswald Smith, Gage Fitcher and Charlie Wise, to ensure that it meets the demand of the surf purist, while Spanish Champion, Kiko Torres, highlights its potential for strapless. It sits perfectly in the wave, strapless and freeride space and Oswald Smith, Reider Decker, and Kiko Torres have proven just that in the video below.


“Designed to deliver smooth power and all-around high performance, the Session is ready for the rider wanting a versatile surf kite with added tweaks for performance freeride. Interchangeable fixed or pulley bridles let you choose between more direct steering with an on-off power delivery or smooth & progressive gust response with light bar pressure. Either one you choose; your Session is bound to be all time.” – Mark Pattison, Kite Designer


We’ve added a zesty new color to the range for the upcoming season… Pink! Giving the kite a vibrant, modern look while being easy to spot in the water.

Photo of Oswald Smith by Craig Colesky


“I like the Session for strapless because it is a 2-in-1 kite. I can jump and do tricks but I can also go for a surf sesh just by changing the settings a little.” – Kiko Torres

“Pivoting turns, exceptional depower, constant bar throw and unfathomable drift. The new Session is made to last. I’m a fan.” – Oswald Smith

“I prefer a faster riding style when riding the Session. It turns super direct, depowers, drifts, and still has a decent hangtime. The most important is that it’s fun to fly and will be with you through everything you put it through”  – Reider Decker


“The Session impressed us with its incredible drift performance that allowed us to place the kite in the center of the window, and with minor bar adjustments, the kite happily floats in place as you enter into bottom and top turns. It struck us as very capable of offering up just the right amount of power needed while being incredibly maneuverable for riding waves. The Session was borderline euphoric on our windier sessions. One of the deepest depower surf kites on the market, it’s incredibly intuitive steering allowed us to focus on choosing our lines down wave faces. This kite’s stability in gusty winds, it’s drift ability, well-mannered flight and pivot-style turns, imprinted the Session forever in our minds.”

Read our full review of the Airush Session HERE.

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