This video is a montage of the Dirty Habits crew’s summer, before, during and after the Covid lockdown. For past few years they’ve been working with big international TV networks to secure a Dirty Habits TV Show, but after 4 years of being so close to getting their very own TV show, they decided that they are not going to wait any longer. Instead of a TV show, they are going to bring the series to you on YouTube. No big budgets, no scripts and and no corporate sponsors. Every week, Dirty Habits will have a new episode. It may start off a little DIY, but by the end of the year, you will intimately know the Dirty Habits crew. They’ll start off easy, and then go into topics like mental health, open the doors behind Dirty Habits as a brand and share their future projects, plans and dreams. The future is wildly exciting, and a little scary and the Dirty Habits crew can’t wait to take you with them on the unknown journey.