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Sizes Available: 2.8, 3.5, 4.5, 5.2, 6.2, 7m
Sizes Tested: 5.2m

Flysurfer Says:

The MOJO turns your free time into pure enjoyment! The highly efficient surf wing has one mission: to maximize your water time! It reacts to your movements in a powerful, balanced and energy-saving manner. With this surf wing you will ride every wave and achieve your training goals. Trust our detailed workmanship of the highest quality and shred every day until you have found your MOJO!

Visit for more info: www.flysurfer.com/project/mojo/

TKB Says:

As its first product release in the wingsurfing arena, Flysurfer launches the Mojo with a unique mix of features that makes for an extremely user-friendly all-around wing geared for beginner and intermediate wingers.

Type of inflation: Push-button inflation / Boom and LEI inflate separately
Number of boom handles: 3 center handles
Y handles: None
Wrist leash style: Closed-loop cinch
Window/Coverage: Yes / small-sized

Design and Features
The Mojo brings a fresh look to the wing market with a sail plan that puts more surface area up front along a wider wingspan with a tapered leach towards the boom strut. You get three separate window panes on each side of the wing that does a great job of keeping weight down while giving you enough visual awareness of your blind spot. The Mojo uses a bit larger diameter leading edge and boom strut to deliver extra rigidity to the design and does away with the distribution hoses to solve the slow deflation problems experienced with other wings. By using two push-button inflation valves to inflate the boom and leading edge separately, you get extra rigid spars for better performance. The boom comes with three handles down the center; each handle uses a shallow but wide stance with unique scalloped padding built into the handles. The boom comes with attachment points for a harness line if you choose so and two extra leading edge handles in addition to the hover handle, both of which are helpful for maneuvering the wing on land and before you waterstart in the water. The leash was a thin bungee-style spectra rope that had some extra length for easy clearing of the wing on water relaunches and behind the back pass tacks. The wrist leash uses the closed-loop cinch with Velcro and soft EVA that was both comfortable and easy to slip on and tension with one free hand. There’s a ton of innovative design features, like the boom that integrates Dacron and ripstop, we assume to shave off some extra weight.


At first glance, we were concerned that the wider wingspan would end up being a challenge for keeping the wingtip out of the water, but despite our suspicions, that never became an issue. In fact, since the wingtip ends bend almost inward, when we purposely dunked the tips to test our recovery, the wingtips released every time without the typical aggressive downward stroke. We really liked the boom handles; with their wide stance, you can dial in the exact hand position that balances the wing’s center of effort. The handle construction with its webbing overlayed with scalloped padding gives you both 3D to reduce hand fatigue, but also feels soft and forgiving while also locking your hand into your preferred part of the handle. The wider stance is also great because it offers you a bigger target in those clutch moments on trickier moves. Since we are purists, we didn’t have much use for the middle handle or the extra leading edge handles, but the same might not hold true to beginner and progressing wingers that are working their way through jibes and tacks.

The Mojo excelled in its low-end performance with the 5.2m delivering pumping power that really extended the range into threshold conditions. The Mojo has a bit of a deeper profile that gives it a good sheet-n-go feel with good low-end power and a wide sheeting sweet spot, but when we rode the 5.2m well outside of its wind range, it became a lot to handle, but that is true of most larger wings. The Mojo offers a decent upwind angle of attack, which we found impressive despite the larger spars and deeper profile. With a medium dihedral, the wing felt really stable and settled while we were grinding upwind. When it came to riding waves, the Mojo exceeded our expectations in its drift and hover in lighter conditions. The Mojo incorporates a lot of features that combine with bigger spars to yield a medium-weight package, yet the Mojo still felt nimble and amazingly good at hovering and drifting while chasing onshore waves.

At the end of the day, Flysurfer has pulled off a very competent stab at the wing category that solves a lot of the problems that plagued first-generation wings. The Mojo scores high marks for its comfortable handles and extra rigid airframe that builds a ton of low-end power while still being quite nimble and fun. The Mojo is a dependable platform that will serve riders of beginning and intermediate levels while surprising more advanced riders with its casual, comfortable ride.



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