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In this episode Jeremie Tronet and Reno Romeu go to Palm Island, about one mile away from the JT Pro Center in Union Island then head to to Mayreau for a photoshoot in the afternoon with photographer Toby Bromwich.

PALM ISLAND: Palm Island is the wave spot if you want to go surfing, kitesurfing, wingfoiling, windsurf or anything else on the waves. You can set up your gear at JT Pro Center and kite all the way over there with no problem, and back as well. If you don’t feel comfortable being out in the ocean by yourself, you can ask at JT Pro Center if some of the staff can take you and keep there with a dinghy in case anything happens. The waves are really fun and the wind is perfectly lined up (side shore) with waves. If the swell is on, you definitely have to go and try it.

MAYREAU: Mayreau is another island from St. Vicent and The Grenadines, in Reno’s opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful ones. At Mayreau, you cannot kite inside the bay where the wind is offshore. Jeremie and Reno had special permits from the Marine Guards for it. However, you can kite outside on the reef with an onshore wind where there are some fun waves to play around on.

WIND SEASON: November – July Average 15 – 25 knots.