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According to Reno Romeu, Union Island, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the best places for kiteboarding in the world. This tiny island in the Caribbean is perfect if you want to learn how to kiteboard or just improve your skills. This place is a paradise with blue turquoise water, and a lot of good vibes.

At JT Pro Center on Union Island, you can pay a fee of $150USD per day and access all the gear they have. JT Pro Center has all the newest Duotone gear — kites, boards, harness, foils and more. They also have kiteboarding courses and hydrofoil courses. Jeremie, the owner, is a really cool guy and he knows everything about the island, all the secret spots and anything else you want to know.

HOW TO GET THERE: The easiest way to get there is to fly to Barbados, and from Barbados you take a small plane to Union Island. You can book your flight to Barbados on your own, but from Barbados to Union Island, Reno suggests you visit www.jtprocenter.com and asking them to arrange this flight for you. They can also arrange anything else, like accomodation, etc.

FRIGATE: Just 10 minutes by boat from JT Pro Center, Frigate is the flattest spot in Union Island. It’s perfect to improve your kiteboarding skills and as well as to learn. The scenery is amazing and it’s a must do in Union Island.