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The original board for hitting features in the park, perfect with a kite or at the cable and ideal for tweaking out those tricks, the Gambler ticks all of the boxes.

Park riding has evolved over the years and now sits at a level that we couldn’t have dreamed of back in the day. The demands of the riders have gone through the roof — wanting a board that is packed with performance but can also withstand the rigorous demands of hitting features.

The Gambler meets these needs with intelligent use of materials such as the Grind Base and the Triax and Biax Glass weave construction. These combine to make the most durable board in the Duotone range. Duotone’s design team have also worked hard to tune the flex and shape to ensure everyone who rides the Gambler will be hooked. Care and attention have been paid to the rails, ensuring they won’t catch when hitting obstacles. With a medium to stiff flex, the board is suited to the advanced rider looking to make waves in the park while wearing boots. The Inline Slider Inserts ensure the perfect stance set up with any boot on the market. They allow you to switch the board during the season, so you can switch your bindings and get a fresh heel edge if you’ve been hitting the features a lot! Years in the making, the Gambler may be an old hand in the lineup, but it still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve!