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The Airush Lift features a Low/High-Y conversion ring which allows your Airush bar to change the performance of your Lift kite. This High-Y configuration preference enhances depower & control of the kite.

The Ring Conversion Kit for Low / High-Y on Airush control bars is suitable for any Airush 4-line bar, for models 2016 onwards.

Step by Step Tutorial
Find an area where you can fully extend your lines out straight with no obstructions.
1. Lay your bar down with the lines fully extended.
2. Walk the lines out to detangle as you would to attach your kite.
3. Once all four lines are separated, identify the front line that is attached to the red safety line. This line is the landing line. It is critical that you use the landing line.
4. Follow the landing line up to the 9m connection point.
5. Pull the upper line through and disconnect the blue pigtail, so that the lines are now disconnected. Take the ring and slide it onto the lower line.
6. Take the upper landing line back through its loop on the lower landing line. (When correctly installed the ring should sit perpendicular to the line.)
7. Reattach the blue pigtail and walk the line out again.
8. At the kite end of the bar, take the other front line and walk it back to the 9m connection point.
9. Remove the pigtail, thread the line through the ring and put the pigtail back onto the line.

Now you are ready to connect your High-Y bar to your Lift. If you would like to use the same bar with any other 4-line Airush Kite, all you have to do is pull the line back through the ring, so you have a Low-Y bar again.