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In this episode, Tom Court calls for a new trend in kitesurfing. Having been on Fuerteventura for over a few months and seeing how many people there are shredding foamies in the surf… he wondered, “How come this trend hasn’t hit kitesurfing yet and will it ever be a thing? How has the surf industry moved so far away from performance boards, to these terrible sticks to just have some ‘no pressure’ fun on terrible waves… not only that, these boards often cost the same as a regular surfboard!” Well, Tom thought he would put the concept to the test in this video and take this Beater board out for a shred on some tiny waves for a bit of fun. This is a twin fin setup, about 35 liters of low density foam, with a plastic bodyboard bottom and some terrible flexible fins to boot — although he will admit that this was a very fun session and doesn’t think that anyone else had as much fun on the water than him on this day!!