In Tom Bridge’s new video ‘Light Work’ we catch a glimpse of the talented young athlete performing tricks never seen before.
Besides the Toe slim to blind & a Toe 313 rewind, see if you can spot the following super impressive tricks:
1. Combo – Crow mo landing blind with both hands on the bar and then staying in blind, and taking off and doing a blind front to blind.
2. Front roll into a back flip to blind – like a double front to blind, but the second rotation is a flip (instead of an off axis spin to blind as usual)
3. Toe double half cab mobe – done it before but no one else has
4. Blind Judge 5 landing in blind with both hands on the bar and staying in blind and carving upwind into a blind front to blind
5. Double under flip, off a wave – landing back on the same wave. Some people have done it off kickers but no one has done it off a wave
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