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Feast your eyes on the new Duotone park feature and some of the most creative and technical riding to ever go down in this discipline. Park riding in other boardsports is very accessible — usually you show up at the local park and have at it. You can take days, weeks or even months to learn new tricks. In kiteboarding it takes a lot more effort, patience and logistics to make it all work. It’s never easy but always worth it and the Duotone crew are proud to be entering into what they reckon is “Stage 3!”! Stage #1 being homemade features and pure passion from the legendary Auto Focus Crew! Stage #2 saw a resurgence from the UK Crew & NA Blend Crew with a major push to build proper parks around the introduction of the Kite Park League. Now they have entered Stage #3, features that rival the best wake parks in the world and a new generation of athletes headed by Noe Font and Xander Raith, guided by OG’s like Aaron Hadlow, Colleen Carroll and Craig Cunningham!

Let’s see where the next generation takes it from here!