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Sizes Available: 134 x 40cm, 137 x 41cm, 140 x 42cm, 143 x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 137 x 41cm

Reedin Says:

Targets kiteboarders looking for the easiest, yet performing board. The Super-E is designed with all the exclusive shaping of the Kev Pro, with a flex pattern and outline that is purposely designed for kiters that are not riding super fast all the time. The unique bottom shaping featuring a full concave bottom with triple concave channels is specifically designed to provide maximum grip in the tip area towards your back foot while letting the water flow more freely in the center of the board for maximum speed.

Visit for more info: https://www.reedinkites.com/products/super-e/

Tkb Says:

The Super-E is the toned-down professional board from Reedin that blends the upside of fun performance with user-friendly ride handling that appeals to riders of all skill levels. Built with a Paulownia wood core and a host of techy features like double sandwich stringer tech, the Super-E meshes the simplicity of a single concave bottom shape with triple concave channels into the tips and mates that with 5cm G10 fins. Just by looking at the template, you can see the general shape of a rounded freeride board with subtle hints of the boxier freestyle influence.

As you pick up the Super-E you can feel the blend of the materials combine for a nice lower-to-middle weight board that is comfortable to carry on long treks to the beach yet has enough bulk to offer solid dampening and upper-end performance. From the moment we entered the water, the Super-E felt comfortable with a little bit more grip in its edge with a locked-in feeling that doesn’t take much skill or effort to set a rail and rally upwind. You can feel the contours of the tip and the larger fins gripping the water and giving you confidence in rougher water and with higher speed. With a flex pattern that is in the middle, the Super-E courts the progressing rider with comfortable softness that absorbs the chop and while it is not a super soft flex, it still gives you enough pushback to get some extra load-up and release out of your launch. The Super-E does a great job of balancing the performance freeride and progression freeride categories, for a more comfortable and user-friendly ride. When you combine the Super-E’s edge control with its intuitive handling you get a board that is very capable at cruising but also a co-conspirator for those that want to push their personal performance envelope.

The Reedin Super Binding is a novel strap and pad system that goes back to the drawing board and introduces a number of innovative features with a ton of functionality and comfort. The first thing to know is that there is a secret hardware pocket hidden inside the strap flap—this is a great place to hide your bolts/hardware for the traveling kiteboarder. The second interesting aspect of the binding is the Spinner Plate technology that gives you a rotating dial to configure the amount/degree of duck you want in your stance. You get three inserts for adjusting stance width and the pad system has two bolt holes you can choose from for a ton of adjustment. The strap mounting points can move forward and aft so you can perfectly dial where you want to place that strap over your toes or upper arch and the straps themselves feature a quad adjustment with two flaps so you can really dial in your coverage. There’s a ton of foam on the sides so your foot never comes in contact with any of the hard parts of the binding. There’s also a ton of overlap padding and the footbed itself feels extra plush with a flexy toe ridge that has a rubbery feel that gives you a good feel for your foot’s position in the binding. With lots of contour lines that give your foot good grip, once your foot sinks into the foam bed you feel incredibly connected and in control of the binding. Overall, the Super Binding is a culmination of many years of design experience that bakes in tried and true design measures with some innovative concepts that make for quick assembly and easy adjustment while delivering on twin tipping’s basic core needs: supreme comfort and control.