Specializing in board design and with over 15 years of experience, this is the first twintip series from Dave Kay for Airush. His shapes have won World Freestyle, and King of the Air Titles for a generation, while Airush has crafted a legacy of its own, with multiple World Championships built on a platform of in-house prototyping, and a commitment to real R&D, allowing them to refine individual prototypes with their test team religiously. Working collectively, the Apex is a work of passion, and dedication to the art of design.

Being situated within a close proximity to the Airush lab, has inspired a unique rapid process for prototyping and ongoing refinement. From the first conceptual discussion and design file within the design office, to the physical build, tweaking and testing, all within a 5-minute radius.

For the rider looking for a board that will allow them to explore their riding capabilities without limitations. The Apex and Apex Team are built as an all-around versatile twintip for an intermediate to advanced riding level. Airush worked closely with big air rider, Gijs Wassenaar and 6-time German champion, Elias Ouahmid, to build the ultimate freeride and big air blend of a board, with a touch of progressive freestyle.

The process of delivering a board with a brand-new set of sizes and kitting it with a completely redesigned handle and set of fins, is particularly satisfying. The new AK Durable Supply co. GFN fins are made up of a high-quality DuPont™ Zytel® material, which is a premium glass filled nylon resin, that offers a really high-wear resistance and high impact strength and stiffness. Another key benefit of this material is that is produces a really strong thread from, which is the ability to hold the screws really well, so you won’t find your fins with stripped threads.

The combination of the 35mm GFN fins, double concave with a solid center spine, and rocker line creates the perfect performance balance. Designed to be paired perfectly using either boots or bindings, in freeride, big air and for riders pushing more wake-oriented tricks. Along with offering soft landings and exceptional edge grip when riding on flat water.

Introducing the use of basalt fiber in the material layups for added strength and fast reflex.

Basalt is an incredibly innovative and sustainable material, derived from volcanic basalt rock. Basalt fiber is a natural material made from extremely fine fibers of basalt rock, that is stronger and stiffer than fiberglass while being extremely tough under impact. Creating the fibre is a cleaner and more energy efficient process than producing most of the common twintip materials, such as fiberglass.

The Apex features a double basalt fiber laminate for increased responsiveness and bombproof durability. Built to optimise strength, offer fast reflex and effortless tracking. The double basalt construction is formulated by layering two sheets of basalt fibre cloth between the Paulownia core and lightweight durable top sheet. And again, between the wood core and bottom sheet. This allows for hard landings, while maintaining the progressive natural flex from the paulownia wood core for added pop when jumping big. The combination of the deep centre spine and double concave makes it the go-to design for most twintip riders.

The Apex Team features a premium hybrid basalt construction. Making use of both carbon and basalt fibre, the hybrid basalt construction is formulated by layering a sheet of carbon on top of a layer of basalt fibre cloth. These individual layers are then positioned between the Paulownia core and lightweight durable top sheet. And again, between the wood core and bottom sheet. The carbon layer locks the amount of board twist, while the basalt fibre layer adds optimum strength characteristics to the paulownia wood core. This ensures optimum rider control, while transferring the natural power needed to generate speed into each maneuver efficiently.

The Airush Multizone Biotech Core is a vertical paulownia wood core sandwich. This multilayer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material. Airush’s wood cores are renowned for their response, durability and smoothness. Combined with a new versatile combination of basalt and carbon laminates, for all-round performance and durability.

This article first appeared on the Airush website here.


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