This fall, Cabrinha is releasing a 2021 product portfolio that had largely been re-engineered from the ground up. For a market-leading brand with 20 years of history in the industry, a product reboot of this magnitude is no easy feat and in Cabrinha’s case, was accomplished only by a complete organizational reset.

Change can sometimes be confusing—from the outside, it can be interpreted as signs of distress, while on the inside, the reorganizing might be deliberate and carefully orchestrated to create a leaner operational structure.

As one of the cornerstone brands of the kitesurfing industry, Cabrinha has undergone some significant changes in the last two years that have caused a great deal of speculation. Having spent its first two decades as a subsidiary of Neil Pryde Ltd., a foreign-owned windsports holding company, the cascading changes started with the resignation of their longtime kite designer in 2018, followed by the relocation of key design staff from Hong Kong to its current office on Maui. Since Pete Cabrinha had licensed his name to Neil Pryde, he never owned the actual company until February 2020 when Cabrinha announced it had been acquired by Pete Cabrinha and a private investment group led by former Cabrinha-sponsored athlete, Jon Modica… To read the rest of The Shakedown subscribe to Tkb Magazine.

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