Take a trip into the niche world of twintip and foil construction, testing and the very best in avant-garde board design. See what makes Airush’s board designer tick, get to know him and how he views the process. Unique to DK is the way he has rewitten the industry from the ground up, not just designing products, but redefining the process of kiteboard and foil construction. When you are operating at such a high level, it is essential to be in control of every step of the process, changes a fraction of a millimetre make a world of a difference. Being at Airush DK has access to his own lab, where he can build prototypes himself and test them moments later down the road at his local spot. At heart, DK is a board rider, has been and always will be. His life, dedication, passion and his unwavering motivation is an inspiration to us all.

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