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What makes the Macro so incredible for wing foiling is its quick to fly platform. Cabrinha has optimized the volume distribution to put the float exactly where it’s needed to quickly fly while creating a balanced and nimble board once you are up on the foil. The short but wide platform makes it easy to take off in the standing or kneeling position

The Macro has a subtle concave deck to cradle your feet with or without straps and the tail has a release point which aids in pumping the board whether you are on or off the water.

It has a double concave section in the nose to assist with the easy take-off to and aid in the recovery during touchdowns.

Once flying, the Macro is light, nimble and maneuverable. Ready to respond to your every command.

Available sizes:
Macro 4’8 x 23” wide x 3.9” thick x 58 liters
Macro 5’0 x 25” wide x 4.4” thick x 78 liters
Macro 5’4 x 27” wide x 4.9” thick x 98 liters