Airush’s 2021 collection embodies their ethos more than ever before. “Every year, everyday, every minute, every second we find ourselves coming back to the three pillars that hold Airush to what it is today; innovation, durability and sustainability. Our designers have worked relentlessly to bring to you what we felt was missing or needed improvement, not just from our collection, but from the market as a whole. We bring you designs that solve problems and create opportunity, designs that remind you why started riding in the first place, to have fun. This year we have raised the bar to a height never before reached by our team and we are beyond excited to present to you the Airush Collection for 2021.”

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Within the big air and freestyle space, Airush introduces their first Airush twintips designed by Product Engineer, Dave Kay (DK). DK has spent a lifetime crafting boards. His shapes have won World Freestyle, and King of the Air titles for a generation. Airush has crafted a legacy of its own, with multiple World Championships built on a platform of in-house prototyping, and a commitment to real R&D, allowing them to religiously refine individual prototypes with their test team. Working collectively, they have defined the ultimate level of refinement with the new Apex, Apex Team, and Diamond. On that note, they could write an essay on how much DK loves basalt, combined with their love for carbon, so take note of the product tech summaries.

Airush introduces the new Lift to the big air kite scene. The Lift is all about boosting, hangtime, and taking performance freeride to new heights. Designed for the rider looking for stability in the wildest conditions, exceptional hangtime, and explosive power. Although it’s a high-performance kite with incredible boosting, the intuitive feel of the Lift ensures this is attainable to the everyday rider.

This versatility and ease of use results in a kite that is ideal for a diverse range of riding and conditions. The original Lift was the kite that put Airush on the map in terms of kite design. The ideology behind the new Lift was to revisit those original values and translate these through 15 years of design knowledge and refinement.

One of the key riders showing the strength of the Lift, beyond its pure big air potential has been strapless newcomer, Kiko Roig Torres. Kiko has also worked closely with Airush to develop the Cypher to suit his new school strapless game. This is the first of Airush’s completely new surf lineup.

Merging the space between surf and strapless, Reider Decker introduces the new AMP as the ultimate one board surf quiver for everything, from down the line to onshore slop – which he loves as much as a cold brew on the porch.

Moving into pure down the line, Airush introduces a completely fresh Comp. Designed and developed in conjunction with the hard-charging, lip slapping South African, Oswald Smith, with the support of the new kid on the block, Charlie Wise. Although, Charlie was also smitten by the new Mini Monster as the best board ever, for shitty wave days.

With a new quiver of surfboards (offered in two constructions), Airush then worked on the replacement of their legendary Wave kite. Over the years, the wave space has been evolving to a point where riders expect a kite to do more than just ride waves, without sacrificing any wave riding performance. So, they made a kite that wave rides as well as ever, but is much more versatile. The new Session plays right into the hands of those who want to ride everything.

Speaking of riding everything, the Mini Monster Convert takes you into the higher volume surf and foil convertible space, featuring our smart foil inserts with minimal drag and maximum versatility. For the rider looking for a true blend between a low volume surf directional like the Foila Skate, and the smooth flex of a twintip, we reintroduce an all new Slayer. Another fresh take on a classic concept by DK.

While everyone is foiling around, or looking for a lightweight travel setup, Airush moves to the legendary Ultra. This class-leading kite has seen some key changes in the smaller sizes. The new Ultra v4 has a slightly lower wingtip chord to center chord ratio than the v3. That is, the center strut is slightly longer than the chord at the wingtips. The canopy curve has also been upgraded to add a bit more tension in the canopy, resulting in a more powerful and responsive kite that sits a bit further forward in the window.

The Union also features slight changes to the wingtips. A stiffer wingtip configuration improves the looping of the Union, along with the overall stability. This is exactly what Union riders are chasing.

The Lithium has been concentrated into a single model for this year (Previously Lithium and Lithium Progression), and as the model has evolved, Airush continues to chase that absolute freeride nirvana. With a benchmark construction and legendary Airush build quality, the Lithium is the one kite to do everything. Yes, everything.

Again, Airush has partnered with AK Durable Supply Co. The dedicated hardgoods and components team have been grinding away and nit-picking on every little detail, ensuring that the components and accessories on Airush products are industry-leading.

Airush is a brand that loves to focus on innovation, an admittingly overused word in the industry, but they couldn’t think of a better one (Funovation? Nah). Simply, what they focus on is bringing something new to the customer, or solving a problem, where it truly contributes to your experience. No bullshit and overhype.

Making products that last as long as possible without sacrificing performance is another one of the things that makes us tick. Airush celebrate the idea of buying something that you really want, knowing it works exceptionally well, and being able to use it for a long time.

Airush is also aware that people are keeping their gear for longer, for various reasons, which is a positive step towards reducing waste. This contributes to some of the incredible sustainability projects we have been involved in, from material choices, to CO2 offsetting. Their ethos regarding sustainability drives us to do what we love, and do it incredibly well, so we can keep on doing it.

Introducing the 20-21 Collection, the team at Airush hopes you have as much fun exploring our new range, as they had developing it.

The Airush Collective includes:

Mark Pattison, Clinton Filen, Alex Pastor, Graham Wiles, Bas Koole, Sam Medysky, Oswald Smith, Victor Hays, Anthar Racca, Alvaro Onieva, Reider Decker, Dave Stubbs, Jonas Ouahmid, Elias Ouahmid, Stuart Groenemeyer, Su Kay, Chereé Thomson, Charlie Wise, Dave Kay, Kyle Cabano, Gijs Wassenaar, Quinton Misplon, Kiko Roig Torres, Jack Rieder, Colin Oudot, Alexia Fancelli, Jordan Heurto, Alexandra Torres, Craig Tompkins, Eric Braojos, Mitchell Doyle Markgraaff.

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