On the cover of our newest issue, Jack Reider performs a perfect wall ride on a towering root ball. Squamish’s wintertime storm surge always brings unexpected jib hits for the summer. // Photo Chris Rollett

Between the flaps, Reo Stevens and Martin Vari unveil a long-held secret wave locked into preservation. We reveal the unstoppable force behind Matchu Lopes, converse with Théo de Ramecourt about the international racing scene and tail Ewan Jaspan as he squeezes through the Covid lockdown borders in Victoria, Australia to find kiteboarding escapism farther north. We lift the Cabrinha curtain to discover a learner more defined organization and follow Matthias Larsen as he explores the cross-cultural connections between kiteboarding and buddhism.

Profiles include West Coast ripper Michelle Gabriel and F-One’s Matt Maxwell. Steven Akkersdijk fills us in on how to go around the world on a foil, Pablo Martin explains how he went from freakin’ out to foilin’ freak and we pay tribute to 20 years of Liquid Force Kiteboarding.

Drop in and dive deep into 120 pages of real kite journalism and the imagery to back it up.

Tkb’s fall 2020 issue is available now in coffee table print or through the convenience of your digital device.




Reo Stevens visits old friend, Martin Vari, to discover a long-held secret wave locked into preservation no matter what the civilized world throws at it.

The quiet unstoppable force behind Matchu; from Santa Maria to the world stage, conquering competition, monster slabs and the secret to keeping it simple.

A conversation with Théo de Ramecourt about the international racing scene and Flysurfer’s long bet on completely new airframe technology for course racing.

When the second wave of Australia’s pandemic was about to break out from the traveler’s quarantine hotels, Ewan Jaspan dodged right, jumped Melbourne’s lockdown border and headed north into Queensland to save his kiteboarding season.

With the veil lifted behind the recent rumblings of change at Cabrinha, we discover a leaner, more agile team is set up to carry the brand forward with legendary watermen at the control stick.

Matthias Larsen explores the cross-cultural connections between kiteboarding and Buddhism in the historic district of Hua Hin, Thailand.

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