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When Slingshot introduced the original Dwarf Craft foil boards 4 years ago, people thought they were crazy. The boards were tiny and compact compared to what the rest of the industry was using. Now, they are considered staples and every brand has “pocket” foil board in their range.

For 2021, Slingshot went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned this legendary range. The 2021 Dwarf Craft Range boasts a new state of the art construction the boards are lighter, smaller and more responsive. Smaller, lighter, and more bad ass than ever before. The all new Dwarf Craft 100 is the smallest foil board Slingshot has ever produced. The Dwarf Craft 110 is the bigger brother to the 100. In its slightly larger size, riders can expect a little more stability and buoyancy. Thze all new Dwarf Craft 120 is the largest and most versatile Dwarf Craft in the range.