Naish has been in the kiteboarding industry since the very beginning. We launched our first kites in 1999 and we’ve been here ever since. We have multiple World Champions in every discipline of the sport including multiple King of the Air Champions. Our roots run deep and we are proud of our past – and we are charging full speed into the future. We have a young, passionate team of talented riders from all over the globe who are pushing the sport to the next level. Although we are based in Maui, Hawaii, there’s no better feeling than seeing people all over the world riding our gear and sharing the stoke.
— Robby Naish
Refining designs to be lighter and more efficient, yet still built to last, the Naish lineup is backed by 20 years of experience along with a new team of engineers, world champions, and pro athletes. Naish’s kites have been put through rigorous testing on Maui and around the globe. The wide lineup of this year’s kites hits each discipline from big air, freestyle, park, waves, and foiling, while keeping each model an all-around performer. This year’s kites feature Naish’s industry-leading materials with fine-tuned patterns and added adjustability features. The result is a lineup of well-proven and easy-to-fly designs that deliver maximum performance for every riding style in every condition.
Soar above the surface with an increased range of sizes for all skill levels – from Naish’s super compact Hover 97 to their stable and forgiving Hover 160, there is a Hover made for everyone. Focusing on a minimalist design, the Hover series provides superior control while minimizing swing weight of the board, allowing riders to keep their foil easily in check. The smaller compact boards deliver a responsive riding experience, keeping the most direct connection to your foil possible. The larger of the Naish foil boards feature overall shapes and profiles designed to make learning to foil easy while leaving plenty of room for progression. In between is a complete line up of boards to suit any rider size or style.
Naish’s new range of kite foils feature advanced wing designs that take off early while still delivering speed and control.Weight has been dramatically reduced on all components of our modular system. Their new alloy mast is lighter and stiffer than 90% of the carbon masts on the market yet retains the durability and integrity of aluminum. The Naish design team has developed and refined this new line of lighter, stronger, stiffer foils for riders of all ability levels.
Designed with performance in mind, the Naish harnesses are ergonomically created to give riders extraordinary comfort without sacrificing movement. This year, in addition to the Arsenal, Boss, Alana and Targa, Naish is also introducing their new Zone seat harness – designed with a conventional low hook for comfort and stability. Whether you’re looking for a low-profile design allowing for more movement and range of motion, or a harness designed to fit and form to a woman’s curves, our harness line has something for every body shape and performance needs.

Learn more about the Naish S25 Lineup here:
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