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The Santa Cruz kite community has taken a huge hit this week as the the California wildfires swept across the North Coast. Several families have already confirmed their homes have been destroyed, and the fires continue to raging on with more bad weather predicted ahead. Some folks only had a 30-minute warning to throw their bags in the car and get out. As locals to the area, we are heartbroken at the devastation to many homes along with our beautiful forests and iconic landmarks.

One of the things we love about kitesurfing is the sense of community and teamwork we encounter from your fellow kiters, no matter where you are in the world. Usually that teamwork involves helping launch or land, rescuing someone from a kitemare, untangling lines, giving advice and sharing a beer. This time, we are reaching out on behalf of our friends who have lost their homes and are hoping to organize some funds to help them get back on their feet with food, clothing and shelter as they transition through this difficult time.

Our kite family remains strong, positive and resilient through it all, and we will rebuild once the ash settle. Your support means the world! Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, donations, time, and any other way in which you have supported our community.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by local kiters here.