Wingsurfing has exploded as a discipline over the last year and Slingshot has been taking notes. The all new Slingwing V2 has been engineered to check all the boxes. The first design factor in a performance wing is ultra-light weight construction, and the Slingwing V2 comes in at half the weight of the original. A light-weight build provides for effortless wrist control and oscillation cancellation while luffing the wing and leaving the power behind you. Beginners will benefit from reduced arm fatigue in light air conditions, while advanced riders will find it dramatically easier to get the wing flying for deep water starts on tiny boards.


+ The Slingwing V2 is light weight and comes in at half the weight of original wings.

+ It offers easy one handed wrist control while luffing or surfing with no oscillation or nose diving.

+ Low end power is perfect for getting up on all size boards and deep water starts.
+ Soft handles offer total control and amazing comfort for hours of shredding.

+ The cambered dihedral design lets you harmonize the wind, body and foil into speed and control.

+ Cross over use for paddle board, skis/snowboard, skateboard or land board at the beach.


Anyone who wants the thrill of being powered by the wind over water, land or snow. Anyone with decent board skills, but little to no sailing or kiting experience will get the hang of it right out of the gate. Its unique appeal comes from how simple it is to use and the freedom you feel using it. Just stand on your board, hold the wing at the proper angle and off you go. To ease power, just sheet out or let go with your back hand and the wing drifts with you like a paper airplane.

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